Marriage and Couples Counselling

Abel has an active Couples / Marriage Counselling practice since 1999. In his counselling he uses a mindfulness approach to address important issues in a couples’ relationship.

This therapy is a means of resolving problems and to help guide the couple to examine their own connection to thoughts and feelings.



Is your marriage in trouble?

Are you constantly fighting and arguing?

Feel like you can’t trust him or her anymore?

Does it feel like you have nothing in common?

Are you struggling to recognise the person you fell in love with?

Is effective communication near impossible between the two of you?

The Focus in Couples / Marriage Counselling is on:

  • Effective communication skills
  • New strategies for conflict resolution
  • Set better boundaries and learn to resolve problems in a constructive way
  • Learn to Express Needs effectively
  • Understanding, guilt, forgiveness and intimacy better


In Mindfulness counselling, Abel will help the couple to identify the conflict issues within their relationship, and guide them to find a new ways of being in a relationship. The process is very similar to individual therapy and mediation.

Duration of Mindfulness Couples and Marriage Counselling:

The duration can be anything from a three sessions to about five sessions with follow up sessions if needed. In the first two sessions (60 minutes each), Abel consults the couple individually. Then a third joint session (90 minutes).

Most of the time this is sufficient, but mostly the duration of couples counselling will be determined by the honesty and openness of the couple as well as their ability to take part in the process.


Cost of Couples Therapy/ Marriage Counselling

R650 (60 minutes session)

R850 (90 minute session)

A Safe Space

Marriage counselling offers a safe space in which couples can openly express their emotions, without the risk of judgement or power struggles. (In marriage counselling, the counsellor acts objectively, as the goal is to unite two people, and not side with one party.) The counsellor aims to facilitate a process in which both parties are able to be honest with themselves and their partner.


Abel’s practice is situated in Pretoria East.